We understand small and medium-size businesses. We understand how crucial your IT and data is to the achievement of your business goals.

As IT strategy consultants, our clients leverage our experience and expertise across a wide range of IT disciplines, including:

Managed Data Loss Prevention Services

Managed DLP services protect the most important thing in your business today: your data. Our no-nonsense, easy-to-understand approach will tailor the solution to your specific needs and budget, leveraging our expertise and experience as a dedicated DLP services provider.

Data Privacy Consulting Services

You know if you screw up, your business is at risk – not only from global, federal, and state regulators, but from the cybercriminals who are waiting to pounce. Do you need a data protection officer as a service partnership?

Fractional CISO

You want to improve your cybersecurity, but you can’t afford to hire a CISO. Yet with cybercrime exploding, you can’t afford not to. Could a Fractional CISO be the solution you seek?

Managed IT Services

Are you looking for managed IT support in NJ? You need your IT to run smoothly, your data to be secure, your computers to work and be protected, and your network to operate effectively. Without effective IT, your business could grind to a halt.

Security Policy Best Practices

Your data (all the digital information you hold) is important. It’s crucial to protect it (and your network) from security threats. Millennium Tech USA can help you design, develop, and maintain your security policies – the backbone on which an effective security strategy is developed and delivered.

Disaster Recovery for Data Breaches

What if the unthinkable happens? What if a cyberattack manages to breach your security defenses? How do you keep your business going? With an effective disaster recovery plan in place, your company can respond swiftly and successfully and thus retain trust, reputation, and customers.

Social Engineering Prevention

How is your company performing against social engineering attacks? We help our clients to limit the number of social engineering attacks your employees receive, and provide the knowledge and capability to thwart any attack.

Securing Your Data

Data security is an extremely significant issue for small and medium businesses. If your sensitive data is attacked and stolen, it can have disastrous consequences for your business. Contact Millennium Tech USA to discover how we deliver bespoke cybersecurity strategies specific to you.

Managed Security Services for Small Business

Does your business hold sensitive data? How secure is it? Do you need managed security services for your small business? Contact us to learn why our managed security service for small businesses is an investment that starts paying dividends from day one.

Data Security for Government Contractors

At Millennium Tech USA, we have the experience, expertise, and accreditations to ensure your successfully navigate the complex process of CMMC certification.

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