Managed DLP

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise to Protect Your Data

Managed DLP services protect the most important thing in your business today: your data. Whether this data is intellectual property, employee information, business-critical innovation you are working on, or customer information (including contract scope and pricing, financial details, etc.), you cannot afford to lose your data or have it stolen or corrupted.

Managed DLP that saves you time and money

When it comes to data loss prevention, you have three options:

  1. To cobble together a strategy and action plan with a lack of in-house expertise

  2. To spend heavily on acquiring the inhouse expertise you need to develop effective DLP

Both these options will take time. With option number one, you certainly won’t be guaranteed an effective outcome. Option two should lead to a successful deployment of DLP, but in what timeframe and at what cost?

So, we come to your third option:

  1. Partner with an MSP who will do all the heavy lifting for you

The benefits of using Millennium Tech USA DLP services

When you partner with Millennium Tech USA, you gain immediate access to our experience in delivering successful and cost-effective solutions to our clients. 

We take care of the hosting, setup, continuous monitoring, analysis, fine-tuning and system iteration, as well as ongoing maintenance. You get to focus on what you do best – run your business, safe in the knowledge that you have best-of-breed DLP services covering your back.

Unique solutions for your unique business

We’ve been partnering with our clients since 2004. Our owner has more than three decades of experience in the business. What our expertise and experience has taught us is that no two solutions are ever quite the same. That’s why we ensure we comprehensively analyze your needs before recommending specific solutions to you.

The unique solutions we recommend will:

  • Deliver fast results

  • Improve your data security and visibility

  • Protect sensitive data

  • Help you understand data flows

  • Identify and qualify risks

We will help you to create user-friendly usage policies, and improve all your security policies and procedures.

Take advantage of our DLP service benefits

We specialize in helping small and medium businesses (locally and nationally) as well as government contractors to implement effective data loss prevention. We’ll help you by identifying areas of risk and area of concern, discovering and classifying data, and developing policies and procedures that are both user friendly and effective.

Our no-nonsense, easy-to-understand approach will tailor the solution to your specific needs and budget, leveraging our expertise and experience as a dedicated DLP services provider.

To learn more, or to discuss your specific requirements, contact Millennium Tech USA.