Data Privacy Consulting Services

Eliminating the Challenge of a Rapidly Changing Data Privacy Environment

The scope and pace of change in the data privacy environment has never been greater. The changes in legal, operational, and technical requirements are confusing to many small and medium size businesses. 

You know if you screw up, your business is at risk – not only from global, federal, and state regulators, but from the cybercriminals who are waiting to pounce. 

Do you need a data protection officer as a service partnership?

SMBs are a prime target for cybercriminals

Large, global companies have the budget to spend big on their cybersecurity, and so many are too challenging as targets for cybercriminals. Your SMB is much more attractive – and the following research is a snapshot of why:

  • Almost half of SMBs have no cybersecurity defense plans in place, and half of SMBs have not provided any cybersecurity training to their employees (BullGuard, 2020)

  • The average cost of a data breach for SMBs is almost $3 million (IBM 2021)

  • 47% of SMBs take longer than larger businesses to discover data breaches (Verizon 2021)

Little wonder, then, that 78% of SMBs consider that security is their biggest concern when it comes to cloud security.

The bottom line is that your business is a target for hackers. You have plenty of data and information that is attractive to cybercriminals – from intellectual property to customer and financial information, and more. 

Those changing rules, regulations, and technical requirements are attempts to stay ahead of digital crime and to help protect your vendors and customers, and your business.

Leverage expertise in risk management to protect your data

Keeping updated with change in the data privacy environment is challenging. Big companies have whole departments that do this work. Smaller companies are at a disadvantage – running a team to read, analyze, and act up daily change is expensive. In response, SMBs can partner with external DPO services, and leverage response to their expertise.

Often one change impacts other areas of risk. For example, a minor change in regulation may impact your security policy wording, and could mean a software update is required across your IT infrastructure. To negotiate this level of complexity in-house does not come cheap.

Our Data Privacy Consulting Services are the solution you seek. We have decades of experience and expertise to put at your disposal. We make it our job to keep updated so that we keep our clients updated. The scope of our expertise includes:

  • Compliance and regulatory issues

  • Operational processes and policies

  • Technology requirements

  • Data, software, hardware, and infrastructure security

The result? Cost-effective security that ensures your business is aligned with legal, operational, and technical requirements always.

When you partner with Millennium Tech USA, you’ll discover that we understand your obligations in your jurisdiction. You’ll also find that we take the time to analyze your unique needs, and with a full understanding of your business we will recommend a tailored approach to your data privacy challenges.

To learn more about how you will benefit from partnering with Millennium Tech USA, contact us today.